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"Doc Elliott is the forefather of the “every man”. He holds value in the traditional.
He transcends generations and refutes stereotypical mainstream.
He chooses
heritage over recycled trends yet remains ever-evolving.
He believes in hard work,
the art of the craft and exudes authenticity.
Doc Elliott is you, he is me, he is the
ideal that we model our company after.


Inspired by the contrasting aesthetics of vintage apothecary and modern refinement,
we pay homage to the sacred grooming rituals that have evolved from our "Mancestors".
With respect to ancient practice, we've customized our proprietary blend of all natural
ingredients to suit the needs of every individual. From our best selling Beard Balm and Beard
Oil to our Petroleum-Free Pure Pomade and Classic Shaving Essentials, we have all of your
grooming and styling needs covered. Hand crafted and carefully cultivated to nourish
and protect your perfect pomp's, bountiful beards and meticulously sculpted mustaches. 

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